Windows Server 2016 – Install Server Core

When you use a server in a data center, or server closet, then installing Windows Server with Desktop experience is like a waste of resource. So Server Core is a good alternative without GUI and just a command line interface. Some other advantages are:

  • Less space, Server core requires less disk space
  • Less attack surface, less software installed and run on the server means fewer entrances available for attackers
  • Less updates, the GUI apps are the most frequently updated features

To install the Server Core then you need to follow the same procedure as it is described here. The only difference is that when you have to chose the version to install you need to chose “Windows Server 2016 core”  or without Desktop Experience.

, <span>Windows Server 2016 – Install Server Core</span>, KandZ

Just remember that after Windows Server 2016 installation you cannot remove or add the GUI elements. Also, remember that with the Core version there is no Taskbar, no Explorer shell, no Server Manager, and no other graphical applications.

So this is what you see when you start the Server Core:

, <span>Windows Server 2016 – Install Server Core</span>, KandZ


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