Ubuntu Gideros – Install Android Sdk and JDK

We will install Android Studio (and the SDK) and the Java DK so you can build an Android package(apk) from Gideros Studio.

First, you need to download both of them. Download Android Studio from here. Choose the Windows 64-bit Version, not for Linux. Next is Jave Development Kit. Download it from here. Accept the license agreement for Java and choose the Windows x64 file. We will install both the above to the same virtual drive we have installed Gideros. If you have installed Gideros to a 32-bit virtual drive then choose 32-bit version for the JDK.

Then start PlayOnLinux, choose your virtual drive that you have installed Gideros and click the big square button “Configure”. Then on the window that will appear go to the last tab Miscellaneous and click Run a .exe file in this virtual drive.

, <span>Ubuntu Gideros – Install Android Sdk and JDK</span>, KandZ

Choose the file for the Android Studio and run it. Install Android Studio and write down the path for Android SDK.

, <span>Ubuntu Gideros – Install Android Sdk and JDK</span>, KandZ

After installation, is good to run Android Studio to download updates and the API version you need.

Then do the same and install JDK. Choose Gideros virtual Drive, click  the Configure button, go to the last tab “Miscellaneous” and click “Run a .exe file in this virtual drive“. Choose the file you download for Java JDK to start the installation. Remember to write down the path for the JDK.

Next step is to configure your project. On Gideros Studio when it will be time to export a project for Android, on 7 enter Android SDK directory and on 8 enter the JDK directory. See the picture below.

, <span>Ubuntu Gideros – Install Android Sdk and JDK</span>, KandZ

Do not forget 1: Package Name, 2: Android Target Version, 3: Build APK file, 5: Key Store, 6: Key Alias.

My first attempt to build apk from Gideros Studio was a failure, then i exported it and open it with Android Studio ( the one i installed to Gideros virtual drive), it found everything needed to download and install. After that everything was perfect! 🙂

I hope this way will work for you too!

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