CSS – Table Attributes

CSS – Table Attributes

Read the introduction to Tables. Let’s some common attributes for the Table element. border – creates a border border-collapse – can take 3 values: separate => selects the separated borders model | collapse => collapses double lines into a single | initial => sets it to default width and height – specify the table’s dimensions in px and % text-align – horizontal alignment the text in th and td cells. Values can take: vertical-align – vertical-alignment for cells. Possible values: padding – specifies the space between the border and the…

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Windows Server 2016 – DISM command to DISM cmdlet mapping table

2018 09 30 13 00 11 Windows Server 2016 Running Oracle VM VirtualBox

If you are a new user then I suggest you use the PowerShell ISE. Why? My favourite reason is that I can search for a command and see the available and required parameters for this command in case my memory fails me. That is why I use DISM with PowerShell instead of DISM commands. Here is the DISM command to DISM cmdlet mapping table. Dism.exe command DISM cmdlet Dism.exe /Add-Capability Add-WindowsCapability Dism.exe /Append-Image Add-WindowsImage Dism.exe /Apply-Image Expand-WindowsImage Dism.exe /Capture-Image New-WindowsImage Dism.exe /Cleanup-MountPoints Clear-WindowsCorruptMountPoint Dism.exe /Commit-Image Save-WindowsImage Dism.exe /Export-Image Export-WindowsImage Dism.exe…

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