If you need only one screen with a few settings then read this post. If you need multiple sub-screens of setting then you should use the Settings Activity Template. It divides the settings into fragments and groups. Let’s start. Right-click your app’s package and click New > Activity > Settings Activity. Change the title if you wish, and click the 3 dots … at the right of Hierarchical Parent to specify the parent Activity. Click Finish. A new resource directory will be created, xml, and 4 resource XML files. pref_headers.xml…


Android – Settings Activity

Android – Settings Activity

This post will show how to create a Settings Activity using Preference and PreferenceFragment classes. Right-click the res directory and select New > Android Resource Directory. Select Resource Type the XML value and click OK Right-click the newly created xml directory and then New > XML resource file. Specify the file name and click OK Now add the preference views you want for your settings activity. You need to specify the key and the title. The key is used to store the setting value If you want to keep compatibility…

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Windows 10 – Mail Settings

Windows 10 – Mail Settings

Let’s see Mail Settings To open settings, click at the left panel at the bottom the settings icon Manage accounts You can add an account or even customize the ones you have already added. Personalisation You can edit the background, colors and other settings that have to do with Mail appearance. Automatic replies Select an account an set up an automatic reply to every message you receive Focused inbox Enable/disable focused inbox for an email account. Focused inbox separates your inbox to Focused and Other. Focused has the most important…

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Windows 10 – OneDrive Settings

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Right-click OneDrive icon on the system tray and click Settings. Settings window has 6 tabs. Settings –  Here you can enable to start OneDrive automatically when Windows starts, configure notifications and space. Account – you can upgrade your account or remove your OneDrive account from this System. You can also choose which directories will be available to this system from your OneDrive cloud storage Auto-save – you can set up protection for your directories and configure to store your pictures,movies and screenshots to OneDrive Network – you can adjust the download and upload speed for the…

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Ubuntu 18.04 – Settings Part 4

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Settings – Network, Devices and Details You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 by clicking the links. Network Here you can configure your network connections, create and new VPN and configure a Network Proxy Devices you can configure almost all the devices configure your display change the orientation change the resolution and enable/disable night light. It helps to prevent eye strain. configure keyboard shortcuts configure mouse and touchpad add and configure printers configure how media should be handled you can configure your Thunderbold devices and your Wacom…

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