Ubuntu 18.04 – Setting up printer

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To set up a printer open settings click Devices and then Printers Click Add a Printer. Normally it should find the printer. If there is a problem then click Additional Printer Settings. Click Add. Select how the printer is connected to your computer My printer can be connected through Wi-Fi so I chose Find Network Printer and I specify the printer’s IP address and click Find. Now click Forward It will search for drivers. You will see the printer’s information. Make any changes you want and click Apply. Print a…

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Windows Server 2016 – Setting up Active Directory

2018 09 06 19 40 50 Windows Server 2016 Running Oracle VM VirtualBox

When you will set up Active Directory to the server, then this server will act as a DNS server also.  So you need to have static IP, and as the main DNS server you need to set the server IP or the localhost IP Then start the ServerManager, there you choose Add roles and features Then Next on “Before you begin” and “Select installation type”. Click Next again on Select Destination server, if it will be the local server. Then select Active Directory Domain Services . Click Add Features and Next. On “Features” then Next. Then Next and Install again. Once the…

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