Windows Server 2016 – DNS Server Enable Scavenging

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Scavenging is the removal of stale records. You can enable for a zone or even for a DNS server. DNS Server scavenging Open DNS Manager , right-click the server and select Properties. Select the Advanced tab, and click Enable automatic scavenging of stale records. Click Apply. With PowerShell you can enable it with: Set-DnsServerScavenging -RefreshInterval 7.00:00:00 More information here. Zone scavenging Open DNS Manager, right-click the zone and select Properties Select the General tab and click Aging. Select Scavenge stale resource records. Click OK twice. You can enable zone scavenging with PowerShell by using Set-DnsServerZoneAging: Set-DnsServerZoneAging kandz.local -Aging $True -ScavengeServers…

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