Android – Options Menu

Android – Options Menu

First, you need to create a Menu resource layout file. Right-click res, then New and then Android Resource file. Specify the name, and then select Menu for the resource type. Click OK It will create a new directory inside res and the new menu xml file Now open the menu resource file and add the items for the menu. Drag and drop from the Palette the type of item you need. Specify the ID and the title. You can also implement it by typing XML. If you want the menu…

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Windows Server 2016 – DHCP configure Server and Scope options

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Open DHCP console, expand the server, then the IPv4/IPv6 and right-click Server Options. Click Configure Options. Here you can assign any additional options for the DHCP Server For the Scope options, select and expand the scope you want to configure options, right-click Scope Options and click Configure Options. You will see the same window. You can configure the options with PowerShell: More information here. Use get-dhcpserverv4optionvalue to see all the IPv4 options. Use remove-dhcpserverv4optionvalue to remove IPv4 option. For IPv6 use set-dhcpserverv6optionvalue, get-dhcpserverv6optionvalue and remove-dhcpserverv6optionvalue Windows Server 2016 – DHCP…

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