Linux Ubuntu- Install IntelliJ IDEA

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This is a good IDE for Kotlin. First, you need to download Intellij IDEA. To download it click here. Click .TAR.GZ if you want to download it without JDK. Open terminal and go to the location you downloaded the file. Unpack the file you have downloaded to the /opt location or any other location in your home directory sudo tar xf ideaIC-2018.3.2.tar.gz -C /opt/ Then go the Intellij directory and then then bin. cd idea-IC-183.4886.37/bin/ run ./ When IntelliJ IDEA starts, you will see the first time configuration: Import…

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Ubuntu – Run your Android App on Linux – Install Phoenix OS in VirtualBox

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After trying for a long time a good and cheap way to run my android apps on Ubuntu finally, I found the way. Install Phoenix OS in Virtual Box Guest. First Download Phoenix OS from here. Chose the ISO Image download. Then start Virtual Box and click New Choose the name you want, but Type: Linux and Version: Other Linux(64-bit). Then Next Choose at least 2048 MB and then Next Create a virtual hard disk and Next. Click Next I choose Fixed Size and then Next Choose a location, filename…

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Linux – Good to know…

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There are some things that are good to know about Linux First, Linux has four types of accounts, root, normal, system and network. With those 4 types of accounts, Linux succeeds to isolate processes and workloads.   Encryption and passwords Most Linux distros use the SHA-512 encryption algorithm, secure hashing algorithm 512 bits, which was developed by NSA (National Security Agency, USA)   Password on Boot Loader You can secure the boot process with a password and you can even choose which boot choices can have a password.   sudo Logging All sudo commands and failures are…

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Linux – /etc/passwd file

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Every user’s information saved in the /etc/passwd file. Every line is for every user account and has 7 fields. Let’s see those 7 fields: username, should be between 1 and 32 characters long password, it shows just x  and it saved in /etc/shadow UID, user id, every user must have a user id which is 1000 or greater. Before 1000 are reserved for root(0), other predefined accounts (1-99), system accounts (100-999) GID, group id, it is user’s primary group. Group ids stored in /etc/group user info, it is an optional field that…

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Linux – vi III

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Change, add and delete text a  append text after the cursor A  append text at the end of the line i  insert text before the cursor I  insert text at the beginning of the line o  new line before the current line O  new line after the current line r  replace a character at the current position R  replace text at the current position x  delete character at the current position nx  delete n characters, starting at the current position dw  delete word at the current position D  delete the rest…

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