CSS – background properties

CSS – background properties

Let’s see some properties related to the background. background-color – sets the background color of an element background-image – set an image as a background background-size – specifies the size of the background image As you see from the example above, when the images is smaller than the element, then it will be repeated vertically and horizontally. background-repeat – Specifies how background images are tiled. It can take 6 different values. repeat-x 2. repeat-y 3. no-repeat 4. repeat 5. space 6. round cursor This property specifies the type of cursor…

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Windows 10 – Change Desktop’s Background

Screenshot 20190110 082019

If you want to change the background image, then right-click the desktop(not on an icon). You will see the following context menu. Click Personalize. You will see the Settings. If you click the drop-down list below background, you can decide what you want for background. You can have a picture, Solid colour or Slide show. Picture – You can just select on from the list you see or click Browse to add your Solid colour – Choose one color from the list or click + to add a custom colour. Slideshow…

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