Linux – /lib /media /opt /sys /srv /tmp directories

/lib contains libraries, common code shared by applications, for the commands and programs in /bin and /sbin directories. The filenames start with ld and lib. In some distributions  exists /lib64  with 64bit version of the libraries, while the 32bit libraries are in /lib.

Kernel modules are also located in /lib directory, especially in /lib/modules/<kernelVersion> . Kernel modules are kernel code that can be loaded and unloaded without re-starting the system, for example device drivers.

, <span>Linux – /lib /media /opt /sys /srv /tmp directories</span>, KandZ

, <span>Linux – /lib /media /opt /sys /srv /tmp directories</span>, KandZ

/opt directory contains optional software packages

/sys directory contains pseudo-files giving information about the system and hardware. Can be used to alter system paremeters

/srv directory contains site-specific data served by the system

/tmp directory contains temporary files. In some distributions those files deleted while rebooting the system, or may be the directory is a ramdisk in memory


21080cookie-checkLinux – /lib /media /opt /sys /srv /tmp directoriesLinux – /lib /media /opt /sys /srv /tmp directories

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